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Safer Internet Day

Hazelbury learn about how to stay safe online- participating in national Safer Internet Day. 

On Tuesday children across the school, and the country, took part in activities helping them to understand how to be safe online and make better choices. The children were taught about why it’s important to ask permission from their adults before accessing the internet or using games. They also learnt about how to keep their personal information safe. 

“We read a story about ‘Clicking Chicken’. She went on the farmer’s computer without asking and she made a friend on the internet but did not tell her mum and went to meet the chick but it was a fox. That’s why you must tell your parents!’Deniz, Yr1 (Downing). 

We listened to a story about Zap and Zoom going online to play space race and it taught us not to give our personal information away.”Rhys Yr1 (Downing)

Thank you also to the parents who attended our parent session on how to help your child online. We would highly encourage parents to attend these sessions as they ensure that you are aware of what your child may be accessing online.