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Our Rights and Responsibilities

Pupils learn all about their rights and responsibilities!

All the children at Hazelbury have been talking about the voice that we have and how each of us can change the world. As MPs we took part in a Parliament workshop with all of the councilors across the school and were given the question- can a child’s voice change the world? All of our answers were yes- if we were given the chance and were brave enough, then absolutely! We discussed our rights and responsibilities and what these look like within school, in the classroom, playground and dining hall. We learnt that it is our right to have a voice about decisions made, but that we also had a responsibility to listen to others and make positive choices. Laura then spoke to all of the children in the school in a special assembly about our voice and how we can impact what happens around us. We then learnt more about this in class. I am looking forward to our continued discussions and deciding as a school what our rights and responsibilities are when we are at Hazelbury!

Melisande, Yr6 (Robin)