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Hazelbury World

Hazelbury create our very own model theme park- Hazelbury World!

This half term the whole school helped to create our very own theme park, Hazelbury World! The children’s learning, across all subjects, focused on building their skills through an engaging
topic. Learning included persuasive writing that encouraged people to attend the park, as well as maths skills that calculated the cost of rides and tickets. The children learnt how to create different attractions, building large and miniature models of the rides. Year Six tested out how to create a thrill seeking roller-coaster and the science behind momentum! Year Five focused on creating a carousel and used their DT skills to make this spin. Year Four combined their DT skills and science knowledge and made their own dodgem cars that actually moved via motors! Year Three designed and created a ‘Test Your Strength’ attraction, whilst Year Two enjoyed creating a ferris wheel! Year One learnt how to make a reverse bungee ride and Reception created a pirate ship to add to the attractions! Nursery children also helped to create an enormous helter-skelter to feature in the park! All of the children loved coming to view and test out the rides on the final day of our Hazelbury World!