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National Funding Cuts to School

How will national funding cuts affect Hazelbury?

You may be aware from the local or national news that the government is planning to introduce a new ‘National Funding Formula’ for all schools in England from April 2018 onwards. Unfortunately, the impact of the planned changes will be a significant reduction in the money available to schools. Over the past three years, our budgets have already been under severe strain due to the government imposing real term funding cuts by freezing the amount of money that is allocated to schools for each pupil. At the same time, schools have seen increased costs that are really biting into school budgets. The Government is also drastically reducing the Education Services Grant, meaning that schools will have to fund additional services for children, which are currently being provided by local councils.

In recent years, we have had to make many difficult decisions regarding funding. We have weathered these difficult times, but the financial pressures are continuing at an unprecedented level. We will continue to work to provide the best for every child in the Enfield Learning Trust and we are doing all we can to cut our costs wherever possible without impacting on the quality of our provision. I would ask that if you feel able to, you take the time to contact your local MP to show your support for increasing funding to schools and asking the government to revise its plans for the National Funding Formula, so that local schools are not faced with these severe cuts. For more information on how these cuts will affect our school and ways in which you can share your views please visit