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Hazelbury Parliament Update

Our latest Hazelbury Parliament update by our Opal family MPs.

Hello, we are Farhat and Igor and we were voted to be the MPs of Opal family. During our latest meetings the pupils have discussed respect and what it means to them. We decided that we would have a respect week that includes a ‘Respect Party’. Children from families would come together and learn through games how to show respect. We are also going to create different posters detailing how you can show respect in different areas within the school.

We also discussed what additional activities children would like in the playgrounds. Based on the feedback we are going to have more reading corners so that students can read outside in the fresh air whilst cuddled up on the beanbags. For our more imaginative students we are going to provide an arts and craft box for each playground. To make our playground more environmentally friendly we are going to have litter monitors who encourage the children to care for their environment.